Friday, December 5, 2008


Welcome to my first blog! I enjoy looking at other blogs so I decided to create my own.

Here is a Christmas ornament I created from leftover cabinet metal hardware that had been sitting in our storage cabinet for years! The tassels at the bottom were leftover from a pillow I made years ago, too. So, a whole recycled or green ornament!

My intention was to sell them or give them as gifts but I don't know anymore. I have 57 metal plates and only enough trim for 9 ornaments. What to do... what to do...

I made 3 kinds ... white, gold & silver glitter.


kristen said...

I think you should sell these.

Those ornaments would make a perfect addition to my family's tree.

My two girls are truely going to love these, where can I buy them??


Diana said...

Well, I gave all ten away as gifts to coworkers and an ornament exchange. It went over very well.

I ordered some antique glitter and want to try that with a velvet ribbon -- real simple. The glitter was so expensive but I'm all ready for next year...