Sunday, March 22, 2009


Adding to my flower collection to welcome spring, is a painting I painted inspired by style of Annelien Beukenkamp . Her watercolors really have a translucent feel. I especially love her flower paintings and yet I love the style of Jean Uhl Spicer (She doesn't have a website ...I only could find her book "Bright & Beautiful Flowers"). If you like painting flowers, it's a great book. I also saw it on Swaptree. Someday, I have to get back east to take a workshop from either artist.
The little ripples at the bottom are a reflection when I took the picture on the glass patio table. I liked it so I left it in... what the heck.


heather jane said...

I love poppies. I really need to grow some! My wedding announcement photo was taken in a field of poppies.

Mary said...

Oooo, I love it! And the ripples are just icing on the cake... :)