Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who Are You?

Here's another experiment in watercolor. For some reason, I need to follow a system or step-by-step process or I lose my way.

So here's what I did....the bird and swirl/leaf are taken from some fabrics samples that came from work. I just traced them. The round flower/snowflake shape is just a made up pattern. Then before I actually painted the background colors, I used colored paper to move around the color and come up with this pattern. Keeping the white behind the bird to draws your eye.

When it was almost done, I scanned it once and studied it on the computer. I realized that there needed to be a black line at the top also. So I added that (which should be darkened), and removed a leaf that was making the bottom right too busy. Sometimes seeing the painting on the computer screen really helps seeing it. I also added the series of dots to fill in the empty space.

I'm experimenting and trying to find my look...Do any of you know when you had a breakthrough that defined your style? I would love to hear from you.


Valley said...

I really love the colors in this one. Nice job!

Sandie said...

I love your blog, and your idea of putting your work onto the computer to view. I wouldn't have thought to do that, and plan to start experimenting with multi media, so I will give this a go.
Keep up the lovely work and the blogs :)