Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's a Wrap!

Not mentioned much here in my blog is that I'm an interior architectural designer.  The reason being is that I just wanted to keep this an art blog.  Today I cross over, basically, because a couple of my pieces will be used in one of our houses. In my haste to get the pieces to the designer, I didn't bother scanning them.  I just thought I was giving them to her to see my progress.  Next thing I know, there they were.  
So, I took  couple of shots during the installation today.
I'd love to show you the whole kitchen, but it was a mess with laptops on the island and cleaning supplies, etc.


This is the whole painting I described in the previous post. There is an appliance garage behind it.

This is on a wall to the laundry room.  My painting is the contemporary one 2nd from the left.  I know you can't see much, but just the collection here looks pretty against the blue wall.

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