Sunday, January 22, 2012

LA Art Show

Oh yes, it is time for the LA Arts Show again, and I just couldn't miss it.   Although I heard someone say they were told no photos, I just kept asking each gallery owner and was always welcomed to take a picture.  So I am going to post quite a few this time.  Enjoy.

Marilyn still getting a lot of attention.  This is composed of very small 3x3 blocks of pictures.

Individually painted paintings to compose the larger one of Van Gogh.

I'd say these paintings got a lot of attention.

A lot of little baby faces in the skull.

Birds painted on old cigar boxes.  So cool.

They look great grouped together on the wall.   

The ladies...

This is a huge 3-D sculpture coming off the wall.  You could see real water droplets on her skin. 

Makes me smile...

 Love these dog portraits!

I couldn't believe I was standing in front of a Norman Rockwell....only 3 million and something dollars.
and We love Malcolm Liepke.

This is made up of various antique papers and books.  He adds a very small amount of paint to describe the face, which I didn't even see at first.

Meeting up with my lovely, blogger friend, Valerie of Twigs2Nest Studio.  So fun to reconnect and catch up.  Hopefully, we could take a class together someday.

Lots of distressing..just up my alley.  


Lisa Graham Art said...

Wow, what a great exhibit. We had a Norman Rockwell exhibit in Wichita, Kansas and I was like you...I could not believe what I was seeing. And all of his paintings were so big!

My favorite...those weird lady lamps. Very cool! But it looks like a treat to see!

Artist Terri Smith said...

Great Day In The Mornin'! This Was A Sensational Post!!!! Especially Loved That Piece Of Marilyn. Darn, It Looked Like An Exceptional Day! Thank You Diana For Sharing This With Us! I Needed Something Special Tonight And Was So Happy When Discovering This. Sending You Much Love & Sunshine, Terri

José said...

Over the last years, there's been an improvement in the art presented at modern and contemporary art shows.
Artists and curators seem to be working together on a more regular basis to bring quality to the public.

Margret McDermott said...

Do you happen to have the name of the artist who did the Marilyn, Van Gogh, and Skull pieces?