Monday, February 6, 2012

How to keep your dog off your Living Room couch.

Oh yes, our sweet, innocent, pooch would jump up on our white Living Room couch and chew on the back pillows when we were not at home. So much so that the corner of each pillow was gone.

To remedy this, I bought a plastic runner, the kind that your mom used years ago to protect the carpet in high traffic areas, from Home Depot and turned it upside down on the couch.  I measured the couch width and than bought an extra foot so I could tuck it into the sides.

Yay, I got my chance to remake the pillow covers and they still look beautiful.  And I just took it off at Christmas and hid it behind the couch when we had people over.  (It's just husband sat on it while we were chatting with some friends.)

Did the trick for me!

****UPDATE: I had this on for about 1 year and I removed it for some company and don't have a need to put it back.  He remembers now that he doesn't like it and stays off the couch.   YAY!


Barbara Tibbets said...

Genius! Now, how to prevent cats from scratching up everything under the sun. Or jumping up onto a freshly painted canvas when my back is turned.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

LOL what a great idea! Our dog sits on the couch (covered) and luckily he does not chew the pillows! :) Love all the puppy portraits you have posted below. Beautiful work! I have missed seeing your work! :)