Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snow Day Children

I love to share with you these original portraits painted on 2 x 2 canvases of these little Norman Rockwellesqe-type snow children. I'm starting to list these little gems in my  Etsy shop. They're a one of a kind piece of art at an incredible price. Each original portrait brings back memories of bright sunny snow days where children gather on the biggest hill they can find to make snow angels and sleigh ride in the snow.
"Cora" 2 x 2 mixed media portrait painting
 Don't you just love how sweet they are.   Because of the itty bitty papers underneath, you can see texture and lines running through each painting. My favorite texture is braille and you can see a little piece in each ornament.

"Charlie" 2 x 2 mixed media portrait painting

  This is a great price for an original piece of art!

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