Friday, March 29, 2013

Michael Carson

"Ready" 40x30, Michael Carson

What is a spring break trip with my daughter to the desert without stopping to see a few art galleries on the way.   We came across the Jones & Terwilliger Galleries in Palm Desert, who had several Michael Carsons to see up close and appreciate.

"Man in Jacket", 30x40, Micheal Carrson

I loved seeing the drips and brush marks.  The shoes are kind of there but melt into the background.

"Red Chair", 40"x30", Michael Carson

I wish I took my picture next to these beauties, because you could get a better feel for the size.  If your ever in Palm Desert, so worth a stop on El Paseo and galleries, perfect.  

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Lisa Graham said...

He has a new fan. Gracious his art is good. Thank you for sharing your experience! Have a great weekend.