Saturday, January 17, 2009

Glorious Day

My husband and I spent the afternoon mountain bike riding through Whiting Ranch and then on to Santiago Truck Trail. The Santiago Truck Trail heads on up towards Saddleback. You could actually get to the top this way--with lots of pain. One great feature of Santiago Truck Trail is the Luge a 1.5 mile gnarly single track dropping 700 feet toward Live Oak Canyon Road. It's great fun if you like narrow, steep and scary single track. I was petrified.

We finished our ride at Cook's Corner with the motorcycle bikers and a beer. Check out my flicker pictures.

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Valley said...

Hi Diana,

I'm just catching up with your blog. I've enjoyed reading back through all of your stories and pictures.

I suppose I dont know you well enough to tell you that I took one look at these pics and thought "grr, I hate her!" lol, we havent had any weather above 10 degrees for 2 weeks now and just had a 4 day cold snap of 20 below zero weather. Your pictures make me long for summer!