Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Destiny Awaits

I wanted to experiment with some of the collage techniques I've been reading about. I got the idea for this painting from a photo I took of my husband riding out of "Sleepy Hollow" at Whiting Park, where we mountain bike. As the name "Sleepy Hollow" suggests, we were coming out of a dark underbrush of trees, and he was silhouetted against the light.

I'm not so talented in getting the words on the page like some of you talented writers, but my thought behind this painting is how a person is on a journey of life with its ups and downs.  The biker is continuing his search toward the light or his purpose in life.  The butterflies are his unseeing support, showing the way, guiding him on. 

I started out with the thought of painting a sports inspirational painting, but the butterflies make it too feminine for a guy and not feminine enough for a girl.  Maybe next time, it will be a woman biker.  Anyways...just rolling along.  Love to hear from you.


Tampster1 said...

I think the butterflies add a great juxtaposition to the piece - a masculine vs. femanine thing going on. :)

Diana said...

Tammy, thank you for your kind comment. This has to be the most thought I've given to a piece probably since art school. It feels good to stretch a little.

Billie Crain said...

This is fabulous, Diana! The large white butterfly is perfectly placed within this collage. It works almost as a lost edge for the biker aka hubby.

Diana said...

Thanks Billie:
Funny, the butterfly was meant for another painting, but it found a better home here.

Thanks for your comment.:)