Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kira's Wings

Have you ever had a flight dream?  As a child, I had always wanted to fly, and I do remember a few dreams of flight.  I'm told they are a good thing. 

This collage is based on that idea all starting from a group of girls jumping at the beach.  I snagged the picture from my daughter Kristen's photo stash.  The girls were all in silhouette against the beach and sky.  I just inverted them to white and put them on a pink background.  The daisies are from another picture by Kristen changed to black and white, which was copied on with gel medium.  The wording was inspired from a children's book I have about a girl who tells everyone she's going to fly.  She does fly, but only in her dreams.

The group of girls are from my niece, Kira's 14th birthday party.  I had thought I might give this to her as a memory of her party after a little bit of fixing.


Krista Hasson said...

What a beautiful piece of work and a thoughtful gift!

Werner said...

Tolle Idee, wunderschön, schöne Arbeit

Liebe Grüße Werner

heather jane said...

That's really lovely, Diana. I think your daughter will cherish it forever.

Diana said...

thanks, I gave it to her tonight... it will be a nice memento of her birthday.