Thursday, December 10, 2009

Free Photoworks Book

I follow a blogger, Heather at  Freebies4Mom that has many coupon type offers.  I got this photobook totally free!  At first I was going to do a book for my mom as a christmas gift of all the grandchildren.  But to get all their pictures would have taken too long and time was of the essence.  So I thought, maybe I'll make a coffee table book of my artwork for me!

If anyone has ever done something like this before, you know the time involved in uploading and finding photos, captions, what to put together.  I spent so many hours on it that by the end, I was like ... who cares, and hit the submit key.  Anyway it was totally free, 26 pages...even shipping.  I think it showed $59 before the coupon code.

It's really nice to see artwork in print.  I left 3 pages blank because of frustration.  (I think I got locked out).  Now I wish I had it all filled.

The offer came from the Bonnie Hunt Show.  I just checked and they reach their quota give away.  But, good deal I think.  I'm not a coupon shopper, but I love deals like this.  I also got our photo Christmas cards through Heather's blog, too.

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Billie Crain said...

I think this is an absolutely fabulous thing to give your mother as a gift! How fortunate you were able to get this book printed for free. $59 isn't bad but free is better! I know she will treasure this always.