Sunday, December 6, 2009

Photo Collage

I put together a few photos I've been playing around with.  I'm using Picnik to play with my botantical pictures and make these line drawings.  My goal is to use this as a tool to make a painting but so far I just get to this point and don't have any inspirations on what to do next.  Painted the way it is probably is not enough.  

Anyone have a good idea, I'd like to hear.   

In case someone wants to try one.  This is what I did.  Just upload a picture like this one:

Don't worry, this branch came from a group of bushes I was pruning one weekend.  It also had started to wilt so it looks rather flat.   Then in Picnik just go into Edit and crop and fix the photo.  Next, go into Create, Effects, and use the Neon selection.  (You can play with the colors).  Next, go into Invert. You will have something like this:

 With the above collage, I took it a step further and chose Duo-Tone to pick 2 colors.
It can be addicting. Have fun, its free!


Billie Crain said...

How cool! Love the collage.:) Very effectice. I never heard of Picnik before. I love playing in Elements but sometimes it doesn't want to cooperate with me.:(

Diana said...

Thanks so much, Billie! I read about Picnik in another blog and have been using it ever since. I find it easy and fun. I added some antler's to my daughter's head for our Christmas Card. She looked real cute. You just have to make sure your file isn't too big or it runs slow.

heather jane said...

That is a very cool effect! I love picnik! Your photo book is lovely, too!!

Image Artistry said...

Hi Diana, I know this post was done jonks ago, but had a go at doing something with your leaves. Here is the result: