Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunny Card

I've been wanting to experiment with collage.  So I used Sunny's image to make a collage card.  I had fun experimenting with different ideas I've read about. 

Here's the shorthand version of what I did....

I used  some patterned paper I bought at Michaels and glued ripped pieces to make the background.    Then I water down some white acrylic in matte medium and went over the whole thing to push it back into the background.  I glue "Sunny" on top of this.  Then, I printed his name on some yellow flimsy paper and glued it on over the stripes.  I stamp a couple of paw prints in gesso.   And the sun was a juice glass stamp with black and a credit card for the rays.  The black around the dog is a charcoal pencil. I also used distress ink to age it a bit.

I going to give my friend a few for her sister.  I hope she likes it.


Billie Crain said...

I love this collage! I've never tried collage before but it's on to-do list. You did Sunny proud with this one.:)

Btw, what's distress ink? Some kind of antiqueing(sp?)solution? I'm headed to JoAnn Fabrics on Wednesday and they have a ton of art/craft supplies. I may check this out.

Diana said...

Thanks, Billie! Glad you like it. I've always wanted to do some kind of background for the dog portraits. I'll have to experiment some more.

It's a stamp pad that says "Distress Ink" on the top and I think I did get it at JoAnn's. They only had "tea dye", which is a little bright, but I really was looking for "antique linen" or "antique walnut". Then, I just rubbed my finger on the pad and smudge a little here and there.

You should try collage once. It was fun. I'll be heading to Michael's this week with a $50 gift card in my pocket! woohoo! :)

Billie Crain said...

Thanks, Diane.:) I'll look for the distress ink when I go there. I'm clueless when it comes to collage although I admire them and the artists that create them. I have a load of paper samples I got from Twinrocker that would probably work very well for this application. What do you use for glue. Did you say?

Billie Crain said...

Btw, congrats on the Michael's gift card score!:) I love that place.

Diana said...

Same with me on the collage thing. I ordered some books on Amazon: Taking Flight, by Kelly Rae Roberts; Exhibition 36 by Susan Tuttle. I've been wanting to try it for some time. They help give me the nerve and I learned alot.

Diana said...

It seems the most popular brand is "Golden" gel medium, matte. They didn't have it at Micheal's so, I picked up "Liquitex" matte medium. (It said it was good for collages). It worked ok, but I did have use a little Elmer's when something wasn't sticking enough, and then just brushed the medium over everything. I did order the Golden from "Dick Blick's", though.

So you got your paper. Just get some medium and try it! I started small 6 x 6. The books do help.

I'd love to see if you do, no pressure. :)