Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Print Art

As a continuation of my print framing project, I've continued to hang prints throughout the house.  I am realizing that if I want to sell any prints online,  I need to try them in my own home and see what I like and what colors work. Even my own daughters, who want something for their dorms, want prints that match their comforters, etc.  So although color will not be my only objective, as a designer, I need to consider colors that will fit nicely in a home decor.

Cutie Patootie, 8" x 10" framed print
A designer friend of  mind  loves this aqua color and uses it a lot in the beach homes she decorates.  So for a beach home, this might be a good color choice.  It's going to look good in a lot of places.  You see the same landscape prints here from my earlier post.  Crazy as it seems, I am repeating them in my home right now.  As I create new ones, I plan on replacing these with new prints to live with.. a constant rotating gallery.  This way I can live with my work and view it as a collector would. 

One side note...I found the candle sconce shown above in a consignment shop a couple years ago, but they only had one.  It was electrically wired and because I hung it on a wall that entered our family room, everyone knocked into it every now and then.  As you see, it has a new home here among the prints.  I replaced the electrical candles with real ones (no one ever does that) and now finally it looks like it belongs.
 6 x 6  music, mixed media
As we start gearing up for the holiday season, this 6 x 6 painting is a peek from a group of 6 I am painting for the holidays. More to come...


Carola Bartz said...

I L-O-V-E the music mixed media! I think it's pretty different from your other artwork.

Kelly Berkey said...

they are all beautiful diana! what a great way to display them. you will have to add a photo of them like this to your listing...hopefully get add on sales!!