Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

I was struck by the glassware at the Getty Museum that was made in the 1500-1600's that it looked so much like the glassware from my great aunt's home.  Here I made a little grouping of glassware ....can you tell me which is the priceless piece made in Austria from Getty Museum worth thousands and which is the $20 piece that you can easily bid on from Ebay?  

Answer below ...not too fast!







Interesting isn't it.  Let's remember not to beat ourselves up to try to create something totally original.  It's all been done.  It's your job to try to create the best you can with what talent you've been given.  

Happy Halloween!


Rona Gregory said...

Hi Diana!

Thank you for popping by and leaving the nice comment on mine! I am trying to decide how to write it all up and share, but can't settle on a platform! Magazine column, book or simply blog!

Love the glassware. Interesting isn't it that sometimes you can have a real expensive, antique and a cheaper, no-name item and they look equally good.

It reminds me when Lovely Man bought me a beautiful diamond ring in Goa (valued at some £2.5k) and a filigree ring I bought in Canada for $15...People used to comment on the latter and totally ignore the one he bought!! He used to get so huffy!!! LOL!

Pamela Holderman said...

ha that is so interesting and so true about all creativity just being recycled, but maybe with a different spin on it. love the painting too and thanks for the birthday wish.