Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Painting on Linen

As you may have noticed from my art, experimenting is part of the joy/frustration of my art life. For years I dedicated myself to watercolor, but once I freed myself from the thought that I had to be the best I could be at one medium, it allowed me to play and grow as an artist.

I found these little blocks with letters printed on them in the 50% after Xmas bin.  I purchased this group that said "Believe" for $7.   The backs and sides are all finished with a cream paint.  So you have seen Wasabi painted on one, and now I've mounted a linen painting to another.    I think these little gems are sweeeet. 

"Lone Tree", oil on linen, 4-1/4" x 6-3/4",
For Sale $45 + shipping

I want to thank everyone for the wonderful comments about my daughter and her talent, and those who have volunteered to participate in "Women Who Make Beautiful Things" interview series.  I think it's going to be so fun getting to know some of you talented, amazing women.  Also, if you think that your in the clear just because you haven't "sign up", ywhite dress, mixed media painting for sale
ou're mistaken.  I have a couple of you in mind, and I will hunt you down to get your story.  :)


art2cee2 said...

These are fantastic! What a great idea. Your art added to these blocks are just awesome! :-)

Marianne@RuffHaven said...

Another great project ! I love how you like to experiment. You're talking my language.
I've just posted about using varnish on burlap on my blog...Since you are playing with linen I thought you might be interested.

Carola Bartz said...

These are awesome. I love that you experiment so much, and you do it with such joy. I think I have a lot to learn from you!

Cameron said...

That is beautiful, Diane! That mind of yours just keeps on coming up with gold...haha!

Diane said...

These truly are gems--I'm so amazed at your talent!!