Tuesday, February 15, 2011

True Center

True Center - 12 x 14 Collage, SOLD
This is a commissioned piece I did for a friend to give as a birthday present for a lovely woman who has a strong relationship with the Lord.  The idea came about when she saw the wave collage I did for my daughter.   Anyway, since I won't be there at the gift giving, I thought I'd add a card to the back explaining the collage:

"The true center of Lori's spirit is shown as the tree stands strong with its deepest roots entwined with the Lord.  The external world is always in flux as shown by the musical notes symbolizing the rhythm of life.

As the tree sways in the breeze, Lori's relationship with the Lord is evident as the notes dance in the wind and touch upon all who know her." 

I hope she likes it .  I feel a little uneasy, because who knows if she would like something like this.  I know the meaning is there, but will it end up in the spare bedroom?


Diane said...

Amazing piece!

art2cee2 said...

This is a wonderful piece of art! I know your friend will just love it and treasure it for years to come! :-)

Joji said...

So meaningful and amazing. She is a lucky girl.

Kelly Berkey said...

it's gorgeous, diana. i love the magic you weaved into the peace. very meaningful, she has to love it!

sonyamacdesigns said...

such a beautiful set of roots ... a more than fine job ... Go girlie ... Congratulations

Anonymous said...

Great job! Really like this piece.