Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Babysitter

The babysitter  8 x 10, oil on board
So happy to be painting with oil.  I craved a simple painting and used an image from my summer beach visit. 

I name this the "Babysitter" because I had imagine this seagull watching out for the little toddler making sure she did not get too close to the shore's edge.  The reality of the situation was probably that he was watching to see if she had any food in her hand, I'm sure. 

I still need to work on this painting some more.  The details need to be sharpen up a bit and I crave more contrast...so we'll see.  The background is totally made up so maybe now's a good time to look at reference photos to finish it. 

Hope your having a good day, too.


Kelly Berkey said...

diana she is beautiful. put a smile right on my face. so fun to see you painting with oils. this one will make a lovely print! xoxo

Diane said...

What a great painting to start my day--Thank You!

Cameron said...

This is wonderful! Has such a vintage feel to itb:)

art2cee2 said...

What a gorgeous painting. I love it! :-)