Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Pyramid

I am fortunate enough to have inherited my family's "Advent House", or as my friend, Carola Bartz has told me it is called "Weihnachtspyramide", which means, Christmas Pyramid.    This advent house was brought over from Germany by my grandparents as a gift to my family many years ago.  Although all my siblings and I enjoyed the house every Christmas, I think I got to take it with me to CA because, mostly I made it known that I loved it so and  it always needs some kind of artistic love and repair everytime I set it up.

This time I had to glue three shepherds and sheep.  We gave some of the sheep toothpick legs for replacements.  Still beautiful after all these years.


Serena said...

Very beautiful!

Kelly Berkey said...

Merry Christmas lovely lady! I'm been a bit MIA, but i'm back in my studio.

I squealed when I logged on and saw my painting on your banner. Don't think I'll ever get use to it!
xo to you my friend!

Rona Gregory said...

Diana isn't it beautiful? So lovely to have something so unusual. My mum used to collect a pretty tree ornament every year when I was small, I remember they were glass, unlike the modern ones, and very fragile. she always bought unusual ones, one was a smiling crescent shape Man in the moon. I loved them but sadly they got broken in a house move many years ago.
I Hope you and yours had a lovely Christmas. wishing you a happy New Year.

Ro xx

martinealison said...

Très précieux ... Il faut en prendre soin longtemps, encore et encore.

Diane said...

What a wonderful heirloom---just beautiful!!

Robin Norgren said...

This is so very lovely and I appreciate it even more having just spent time in Germany. We were in love with the cuckoo clocks we saw and committed to make the investment knowing that pieces like these are TIMELESS.

Anonymous said...

The house is beautiful. Just a word of advise, your candles shold be half that height and the blades far less tilted. A drop of olive oil in the base plate where the spindle rests will allow it to spin with even just one candle lit. Light one candle and open one door starting with the 1st advent on the first of the four Sundays leading up to Christmas Eve and then the following advents on the following Sundays in order. Finally all the candles are lit on Christmas Eve.


Anonymous said...

This is an Adventshaus and is made by Richard Glässure in Sieffen Germany. It has been in their production since 1952. This looks like a 1960s model and in very good condition. Replacement parts can be ordered directly from them online. I have one just like yours and an older electrically lit model with rail fences in my collection. These are museum rare pieces as so many of them get damaged and destroyed. The new ones sell on average for around $1000 or more so take good care of it and pass it down when that time comes with all the detailes on its age and owners. I hope one of these ends up on Antiques Roadshow one of these days. Display it proudly.


Martha said...

We have the exact same one...purchased in Germany in the mid 1970's.