Friday, December 17, 2010

Sheet Music Ornaments

Sheet Music Ornament using Antique French Sheet Music
You may have seen my glitter trees and sheet music wreath a couple of posts ago.  This week I've added three paper ornaments to our Christmas tree.  So this year our  tree has a very natural feel.  I only hung ornaments that were mostly silver, gold, white and natural.  All brightly colored ornaments are taking a break.   Because the french sheet music is so dear to me and I only have a little left, my friend suggested I use other papers. 

Sheet Music Ornament using Contemporary Violin Instructional Book from the Thrift Shop

This is a great idea for anyone on a budget.    See below, I used a winter Trader Joe's bag.  The winter bag has additional white lettering and drawings.  Also, you could use a little gesso and stamp some craft paper to get the same effect.

Trader Joe's paper bag

It's so simple, you really don't need a tutorial, just a few pictures might do the trick.....

Pinch the end and staple it

Just cut a round disk.  I used the lid of a pickle jar. Cut little rectangles,  ( maybe  3-1/2" x 5"),  fold the widest side in half and then pull each flap back on itself as shown above, and staple it at the end.  Staple them to the disk in a round circular shape.

1st layer on left, almost finished on right

You can use a glue gun for the interior portion.  Add a layer around the back plus a ribbon and your done!  I did this while watching a Christmas movie.

Add 1 layer to the back for fullness and a ribbon


Anonymous said...

I didn't realize they were that big until I saw your hand holding them in the later photos! =) They're beautiful.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

What a perfect thing to do while watching a Christmas movie! They are gorgeous!!

martinealison said...

Très jolies réussites... magnifiques...
Je vous souhaites de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année pour vous et tous ceux que vous aimez.

Diane said...

These are beautiful!! And they would make great bows for presents too--Thank you for this!

Rona Gregory said...

Thank you for sharing Diana, these are really neat. I remember when I was small my mum made something similar but on a bigger scale for a table centre. Perhaps I should make one up and share with you guys! Hers were made from red and green tissue paper but it would look really fab done with sheet music or craft paper like yours!

Have a wonderful christmas

Ro xx

Serena said...

They look fabulous and so easy to make...must try them for next year. Thank you!

Sadie Inspired said...

It is amazing what can be done with sheet music and a grocery bag! So pretty! Thank you for sharing. :)