Friday, December 31, 2010

My Favorite New Year Celebration

Last night we toasted my daughter, Dana's, 21st Birthday.  One of my favorite New Year's celebrations was the year Dana was born.  She was due on December 31, but decided to come a day early.  Even though I ended up having a C-section, it was such a wonderful time to be in the hospital wasn't crowded so I ended up having a private room (doctors don't want to be working on a holiday), I got full staff attention, hubby worked in the hospital and could visit anytime.  We even had a wonderful New Year's Eve dinner.  I remember trying not to laugh to Jay Leno because it hurt so much.  I didn't know then how special it was until Kristen was born during July which was the total opposite experience.

How time has she is, our little "Bubba Dana",  all grown up and ready to take on the world.  We each toasted a shot called, "Peanut Butter and Jelly".  Everyone was disappointed because I sipped uncool. It sure helped my cold though!

I want take a moment to thank all of you for joining me this year on this artful journey here in blogland.  I have met some wonderful creative women and look forward to continuing experiencing the joy of our creative friendships in the New Year.  Besides the supportive and kind comments left here on my blog, many of you have continued conversations with me by email, which has brought me closer to you and I am blessed to have gotten to know you better.

I'd  like to make another toast to all of you for our creative bond that brought us here, and I hope to be that person to you that makes a difference in your life as you have done to mine.


Rona Gregory said...

Hi Diana!

What a wonderful 'double' celebration! I wish you and your family a very happy and peaceful New Year, and Thank You for sharing your thoughts and creativity with us in blogland. I'm glad I 'met' you here and look forward to bloggy chats in 2011!

Ro xx

Rhonda said...

Happy New Year Diana! I have truly enjoyed meeting you and hope to get to know you better in 2011. Happy Birthday to your daughter Dana. Time truly does go by in the blink of an eye. May God Bless you and your family in 2011!!


Carola Bartz said...

Oh Diana, you certainly have made a difference in my life! I love our common German heritage.
The pictures of you and your daughter are beautiful. I felt very touched by your post... memories...
A happy and joyful new year to you as well!

Artist Terri Smith said...

Ah..What A Wonderful Post Sweet Diana! You are already bringing us your Special Brand Of Joy Within A New Year. Loved The Celebratory Story Of Dana's Birth. Sending Her A Happy Birthday Hug From The Peach State! :)) Please know it has been an absolute pleasure having gotten to know you better. Here's Wishing You And Everyone You Love A Beautiful New Year!

Jill said...

You sure are two beautiful women!
Thank you for sharing your heart and your art through your blog.
May God continue to bless you in 2011!

Robin Norgren said...

these pics are absolutely BREATHTAKING of the two of you!

Kelly Berkey said...

What a touching post. Isn't it wonderful to see the beautiful adults our children turn into? I soooo wish I could have spent some time in your studio with you this past visit to Cali. Next time I go we will make plans ahead of time.
I'm so blessed to call you a friend. xo