Friday, December 10, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday

Welcome to Sneak Peek Friday!  Today is the big reveal for the little online ornament exchange from our Sneak Peek group at "In the Studio".

First of all, I have to give a warm hug to all the wonderful artists who participated.  I so enjoyed running to the mailbox to see if another one had arrived and also how much each ornament reflected each individual creator.   

To tell you a little bit about how developed my ornament.  I started with a visit to Michaels to see if I would see anything for an idea.  That's when I found the round disk.  So on a leap of faith I grab 10 round disks. 

I have this wonderful inspiration page from a paint brochure that I've kept over the years and between the colors from that and the bird idea and many wasted starts, I finally came up with this ornament.  The feather in this picture reminded me that I bought this pheasant years ago from Ebay to use the long feathers in a vase or something.

My "bird" dog, Tucker,  would go crazy every time I would take it out the package.  I think he could smell the bird.  So,  I had never used the feathers until now.

Little birds drying on my table lamp
Little birdies awaiting their new homes

I thought the disk looked a little plain after it was painted so the feathers and the ribbon seem to pull it all together.  Even the packaging was perfect... I had a clear box for notecards that I never used and the nesting was in a craft box I came across out in my garage.  All meant to be!

This little one awaiting its new home. 

If you would like join are little group, we would love to have you on Sneak Peek Friday, just visit Jennifer at  "In the Studio"  and give it a try.


Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing and beautiful! I feel so special owning a piece and to know you painted much love.

All the ornaments were so unique and beautiful. Thank you again for all the time and effort that you put into this. God bless and Merry Christmas!

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

I loved seeing how your ornament came together Diana! It is just beautiful... and I love the little 'nest' like pieces in the box. It was perfect. Too funny that your dog would go crazy when you brought the feathers out! I am so happy that you joined the exchange. I am truly blessed to be in the company of such special hearts! Merry Christmas!

Artist Terri Smith said...

Sweet Diana, I'm still laughing about Tucker. How cute is that story?

Sweet Lady..I'm absolutely in love with your ornament! Just the most Beautiful Thing! I liked how you unfolded the creative steps you used within your post too. But upon first glance when I opened your package I could immediately see the care and thoughtfulness behind this piece. After Christmas I plan to find somewhere to place it so I can see it all year long!

Again..thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping bring even more love and sunshine to my Christmas. Sending you a Big Georgian Hug, Terri

Elizabeth said...

I felt so blessed to received that beautiful ornament..and the card...just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing the development process. Hope you like my ornament as much as I like yours. It will be in your mailbox soon.
I made it wiith so much joy. Have a lovely weekend and Merry Christmas! Hugs from many miles away!

Carola Bartz said...

Diana, I love your bird ornament! So pretty and cute!

Cindy said...

My little elf was sitting next to me when we opened your ornament - I wish you could have heard her gasp at the beauty of it...I obsolutely loved (as she did) the glints of gold, the pheasant feathers, and the lavish ribbon! And of course the painting itself and the perfect packaging! Many blessings on your Christmas...

Rhonda said...

Hi Diana,
I too enjoyed receiving yours and all the other ornaments. Your ornament is stunning! Thank you so very much. I now have a Diana Mulder original!! :-)

Have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Hally New Year.

martinealison said...

Vos créations sont à l'honneur... Et ils deviennent encore plus magiques...

Jill said...

Thank you for the time and care you put into making these stunning ornaments! I LOVE birds and have them all over my house so I will also displaying mine year round.
Peace and love to you for a Merry Christmas!

samos said...

Diana! I absolutely L O V E the ornament you made me! I have a special spot on our tree so I can see it everyday! Thank you so much! I so admire you!
Much love,

Serena said...

Beautiful ornaments....I'm sure the recipients would have been thrilled! I enjoyed reading the process too ~ :)