Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pull up a Chair, There's Plenty of Room in Here

Isn't it amazing at where our art will take us.  I have been painting for years but always alone in a little corner of our guest bedroom.

Since making a studio and taking over a whole room and breaking out of my little world and sharing my love of art, it has given me the freedom to grow in my art and in friendship with others who love art as well.

A friend of my daughter was in need of home and has taken up residence in our guest room.  She is in college and often studies in my studio while I work or paint.  What really surprised me is that she asked to paint along with me.  I laugh because neither one of my daughters, who are tremendous supporters of mine, were ever interested in painting with me.

Alyssa's first painting turned out beautifully and she confessed to me yesterday that she can't wait to start another painting.  Aawwh, I think she's addicted.  You all know how it gets in your blood and just becomes a natural part of your life. Another artist is born.  :)

In the meantime, she's been watching me struggle with the same painting as I paint and then strip off what I just painted over and over.  I think as an artist, at least for me, I would like to take it to the next level, move forward and not backward.  So, I'm pushing myself  harder to get to the place where I love what's in front of me, like this chair, for instance, a little area of the painting I love.


Artist Terri Smith said...

Love This Newest Piece Diana! Your Lovely Chairs Are So Inviting! I'm So Impressed With The Work You've Been Doing Lately...More Accurately.. With The Work You've Always Done. And I'm So Honored When You Stop By To Compliment Anything I've Pulled From My Own Easel These Days. Truly, When I Take In Something You've Said In Particular..I Know It's True. I Know I Can Value It. Hey..I Just Researched Sandi D'Allesandro Per Your Mention..And Wow..I Sure Like Her Style. Thanks For The Great Share. I'm Off Now To Prep Some More Canvases For Next Week. I Find When I Let Them Cure Over The Weekend..They're Almost Perfect. Have A Great Weekend Sweet Friend! Hugs Of Warm Georgia Sunshine, Terri

Roberta said... this story and I can relate a bit because my niece started blogging last year after moving out west to Burbank, CA and it really brought us even closer than before.