Friday, November 5, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday

"the Babysitter" 8 x 10, oil on board
A couple of "Sneak Peek" items this week.  "The Babysitter" has taken on a new look.  I felt the painting didn't have enough pop.  So, I pumped up the colors by making the ocean darker and changing the baby's outfit to a brighter red.   Now, the colors make me happy.  I hope you agree, too. 

Last night, my art lover friends and I made it to another Laguna Beach Artwalk.   It's so valuable to get out beyond your four walls and see what's out there in the art world.  My favorite gallery was  Sue Greenwood and judging by the turn out, a ton of other people thought so, too.  Besides appreciating  the art from a distance, I stand right up next to the pieces to see the workmanship and feel the texture.

I was impressed with Maurice Gray's work last night.  He takes pieces of paper and collages the background first and then adds a sculptural piece as the focal point.   The collage has a polyurethane finish, and it is so smooth that I thought it was a photo at first.  I had to look at an angle to see the different layers.

This piece was made up of hundreds of  little matches.  All lit and burnt out right away.   The ax and house projected from the piece. It was one of those double take pieces.

I always walk away from these outings inspired...anxious to create another piece of art.  I heard somewhere that you should exposed yourself to really good art to train your eye for your own work.  So get out there, grow in your art and create!

If you would like join us for Sneak Peek Friday, just visit Jennifer at  "In the Studio"  and give it a try.


Cathy Bueti said...

Diana, love this painting! I have trouble painting water and even worse than that for me are rocks!

This is great! :)

Artist Terri Smith said...

Hi Diana. Love your new piece. Children take my heart to the easel most every day. Also appreciated the input from Sue Greenwood's Gallery. Good Good Stuff! I've followed the work of one of the artists she represents..Paul Brigham..for quite awhile. Love his stuff! Thanks for your encouraging ~ insightful post today! Hugs, Terri

Kelly Berkey said...

i love your painting diana! looks like summer now! hubby and i are going to galleries up in the cities very soon. it will be so wonderful to see works up close!
have a creative weekend! xo

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Love the colors in 'The Babysitter'... beautiful work! Artwalk sounds like so much fun! I so wish we had activities like that around here. Great inspiration you found! :)

sonyamacdesigns said...

she is so super cute and I love the little baby legs!

Rhonda said...

Hi Diana, I think your "Babysitter" painting is the better than that in the gallery you shared with us. Our Art Walk is next Friday in our city. Love to go to it as well. I agree, one needs to view other work as much as possible. Thanks for stopping by my blog today for Art Walk Friday! P.S. You and I are on the Christmas exchange list for Studio JRU!!! : )

Robin Norgren said...

I need to begin visiting our local art walks. This seems like a lovely experience.

Jodi Ulschmid said...

You really did make your painting pop! Looks great... as always! :)

Petra Kern, handpainted design said...

Hi Diana!
I just wanna to tell you that I love new and "renovated" Babysitter. You are right - bold colors are just perfect for this painting and it doesn't take any tenderness from it ... Good job :)