Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Sweet Life

Guest House

Before creating art, homes have been my expertise for 20 years.  As a special treat, we took a home tour of a house that was finished 6 months ago.  The vegetation has grown in nicely and it was a mild, gorgeous day.  I have so many wonderful photos of this Provencial home, but to respect for our client's privacy, I can only show a couple of sweet shots. 

Guest House Window
Looks right out of a Provence magazine. 

Loving Onlookers
A huge house to photograph, and I'm taking pictures of the children.  So sweet.

a fountain peaking through the trees

The end of a glorious day       


martinealison said...

Très belles photos... cette demeure est charmante et magnifique... je suis à la recherche actuellement d'une telle maison dans ma Provence que j'aime tant...
Bisous à vous et merci pour ce clin d'oeil.

Diane said...

Beautiful home--a real haven!

Carola Bartz said...

Love that house, especially the Provençal look of it.

Sadie Inspired said...

How there would definitely be "sweet." :)

Rona Gregory said...

Oooh beautiful place...I could just see myself on the terrace with a carafe of wine watching the sun go down!

have a lovely week

Carrie Schmitt said...

Wow! Gorgeous. What a dreamy place. Out of a storybook or movie!