Saturday, January 8, 2011

Egg-cellent Collections

Collection of antique egg prints

Don't you just love collections?

Collection of antique egg prints

I especially love grouping paintings of collections on a  wall.    I keep files of inspo with collection ideas of my own.   Although you probably could buy an antique egg print off ebay pretty cheaply, I wanted to try to recreate this look on my own.

 I started with some pastel colored paper I bought at Joann's in the $2 bin.  I knew that if I tried to use watercolor, the paper would wrinkle so I painted the eggs in oil.

Unfortunately, for this one when I started to splatter the egg, a little paint seeped under my protection sheet.  I  played around with different ways to splatter without it getting on the surrounding area and the conclusion was be more careful.  Once you get a smudge or drip on the paper, there's no way to remove it.   

Although, it's too cute not to try again.  


Marianne@RuffHaven said...

I love collections of prints too. You did a great job with your eggs. if you hadn't pointed out the little speck as an error I doubt I would have seen it.

Robin Norgren said...

you have definitely caused me to APPRECIATE the egg a bit more. LOVE THIS NEW BANNER OF YOURS!

martinealison said...

A partir du moment que vous avez évité l'omelette, ce n'est pas grave!

Rona Gregory said...

These are so lovely! And what a great idea to make your own collection!

Heather said...


I love your artwork and blog so much, I have an award for you at my blog,
come see, i hope you pass it along! xxoo

Artist Terri Smith said...

WoW Diana! I too enjoy collections and love what you did with the eggs. Sensational Idea! Hey..I have a very good eye and totally missed the tiny overflow. I'm also lovin' the new look of your site here. Clean and always fresh. And Sweet Friend..You have a very good eye too..YES, that "was" a brush in my bun. :D Have a GREAT DAY Sweet Lady!