Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Print with a Twist?

So, I had thought it might be interesting  to pair one of my prints with a chair from my old doll house for an Etsy listing.

All my doll house paraphernalia has been stored in a box in the garage for years, since the girls stop playing with dolls.   So I pulled the box down from the garage storage and as I opened the box and was moving packages around, my hand skimmed the tail of a dead rat.  Auuugghh!  He was tucked under bubble wrap and laying on a  full size wooden bed.  How funny.

I was so grossed out, he's still laying there until hubby can dispose of him, but I did  managed to find this little chair, and totally separate from decaying parts.  Yeah!


Cameron said...

Eww on the rat.....aah on the vignette!

Beuatifully relaxing new painting :)

Carola Bartz said...

Ha, the rat was laying on a full-size wooden bed! Well, at least he knew WHERE to lie down. Why didn't you take a picture???
Love the idea with the chair. How is your Etsy-shop going?

Diane said...

Yikes--the price of art--what you sometimes have to do when you need that perfect touch. And it IS the perfect touch to compliment your stunning painting.

Cathy Bueti said...

Ick about the rat! But oh wow!! amazing painting! :)

Artist Terri Smith said...

Oh my goodness..the rat discovery was both yucky and hilarious! The part where he was laid out across that doll bed just cracked me up! I envisioned you standing there looking at this scene and I just lost it! But all in walked away with some wonderful display pieces. The chair looked great in the photo! :)) And I Loved The Painting! And your story!