Sunday, January 23, 2011

LA Art Show

Watercolor of Vintage Matches
What can I say.  So much art so little time to absorb it all.

Interesting...I would hate to be the one to move this back to the gallery.

Collage Dog Art

Some doggone good art.

Pretty design....get closer

All old vintage metal tape measures.

And who did I run into but a fellow flyer, Valerie Weller from Twig2Nest Studio!  Check out who we're standing in front of....but non-other than a Liepke.  (Kelly and Terri will be jealous).

Portrait by Malcolm Liepke

There was truly some wonderful art here...some of the best I've ever seen.  And also, if you get the chance to meet another blogger/flyer, do so.  Could you not find anyone more like you?  I had remembered reading on Valerie's blog that she went to this last time and contacted her.  We both live outside LA and not close to each other, but what a great way to meet. 


Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

That looks like such a fun way to spend the day! I can not imagine moving all those broken plates... very interesting. I love the old tape measures! How fun that you ran into Valerie... that is wonderful! :)

lori diane said...

how fun to run into a fellow flyer~Valerie! and I HAVE to look up that artist...Liepke...oh my gosh.

Heather said...

Oh my! I love the art!!! Malcolm Liepke I have never heard of him. I will have to check him out. Your art is beautiful.
It is always nice to meet another flyers

Anonymous said...

Wow, the dishwashers were very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Valerie Weller said...

Oh Diana- what a treat to see you and talk "art". Thanks for the picture- and the inspiration! Your blog is so fun to read~ what a nice memory of the fabulous art we saw there.

I have to laugh- the dishwashers, microwaves and broken dishes.... we have the exact same microwave in that piece... so my husband was trying to figure out if we could "borrow" a handle to replace ours. We had a lot of laughs thinking about how that one was made- hormonal wife~~ a non-"honeydo" husband... etc. Isn't art just the best!!! Hope to meet up again soon. Happy painting!

Kelly Berkey said...

I screamed out loud Diana!! Oh, I am so jealous!! I saw a print of his in Laguna...but oh, you lucky lady! Those brush strokes...tell me, they are incredible, aren't they??

So I've spent my whole day (when not cooking) painting a wet on wet ballet portrait...not going to well, ha-ha. but it's good practice.

Malcome is amazing and you are so lucky. Thank you for getting a great close up...I can almost see the brush strokes...the colors...amazing...i'

Artist Terri Smith said...

So..I was sitting here casually chewing on some almonds while checking my blog..when all of a sudden I head over to find you had actually stood in the presence of an original MALCOLM LIEPKE! Diana..girl I truly nearly choked! Good Gracious Alive! And YES I'm j.e.a.l.o.u.s. Dear Gussie what I wouldn't have given to have had that type opportunity!

You cracked me up about becoming my "Agent". :)) Don't say it outloud again or I might take you up on it. You'll walk out to your porch one morning to find a huge box filled with all my canvases. Then you'll have yourself a job.

$15,000....I was floored! Hey, if you think you could get half that for anything I've created ~ I'd go 50~50 profit share with you! :)))

Thanks for the gift of laughter tonight. I've sure needed it lately! P.S. Great that you were able to hook up with Valerie! Maybe one day you, Kelly and I will find ourselves standing in each other's company.

Valerie Hart said...

Oh my goodness what a great art show Diana! And I am a big fan of figurative art. And I see that it is the other Valerie that you connected with! Yay! Wish I could have joined you both too!


xoxo Valerie
Valerie Hart

Diane said...

Love those tape measures!! What a perfect day with all of this exceptional art!

martinealison said...

Bravo et merci pour cette promenade ma chère Diana... Dommage que vous soyez si loin...

sonyamacdesigns said...

super jealous sonya ... Congratulations ... you guys!

jarmaine | online flyer printing said...

Awesome works of art! Those vintage tape measures are really something. Oh and yeah, sending some luck for the person who's gonna be moving those broken plates art back! Thanks!