Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Antique Egg Prints"

Sorry I've been away so long... too many things going on besides our scanner finally giving up. I hated that thing. I would get a million error messages and then finally it would scan. My hubby brought home an old scanner from work and it still scans beautifully. So, woo hoo I'm back.
Here's a fun project I've always wanted to do. Did you ever admire the antique egg prints? I found a blog (I forgot to save her name) and she suggested printing from the New York Public Library digital archive. It took a little time but I found the egg prints.

Then, I printed some for shape only and did my watercolor thing. I did take some artistic license. It's really fun. I used 2 different watercolor papers and I think it made a difference. The first pair is on 150 archers. The second pair is on 140 lanaquarelle.