Sunday, October 23, 2011

Love Strikes in Mysterious Ways

Taking our dog along with the family apple picking has been a family tradition over the years and near day's end we ended up at Oak Tree Village in Oak Glen.

He loves all the sights and smells and has himself a ball.

We approached a little caged area with 3 deer sitting in the shade.  We were all a little leery as Tucker approached with  his hunter/stalking routine.   

Then one doe got curious and came over to check him out.

 "Your eyes, they are so beautiful".

"You are a handsome buck, no?"   Everywhere we led him around the cage, the doe would follow. 

"Bye bye, my cherie, until we meet again". 

For an old guy of 77 he still can make the ladies swoon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gustav Klimt Challenge

Field Day 16 x 20 mixed media

I was looking for a way to finish this painting when  Jane DeRosier posted the Gustav Klimt challenge on facebook which inspired me for the background.

The girls remind me of my own daughters blond and brunette.