Saturday, January 28, 2012

Flutter My Heart

I had the opportunity to purchase from my dear friend, Elizabeth Gonzalez of Borboletas a  set of her beautiful ceramic butterflies.   Elizabeth was among one of last year's "Women Who Create Beautiful Things" and I was so excited  to purchase her work. 

When the butterflies arrived, I just wanted to hang them up right away and not worry about what wall they would go on or  nails,  so I just added them to this piece that I have hanging in my Family Room. This iron motif  piece is from Pier One Imports  and I always felt it needed something. Don't  they look great together?

So fun to add some creative pieces to my home, especially from a special creative friend of mine. Thank you, Elizabeth.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

LA Art Show

Oh yes, it is time for the LA Arts Show again, and I just couldn't miss it.   Although I heard someone say they were told no photos, I just kept asking each gallery owner and was always welcomed to take a picture.  So I am going to post quite a few this time.  Enjoy.

Marilyn still getting a lot of attention.  This is composed of very small 3x3 blocks of pictures.

Individually painted paintings to compose the larger one of Van Gogh.

I'd say these paintings got a lot of attention.

A lot of little baby faces in the skull.

Birds painted on old cigar boxes.  So cool.

They look great grouped together on the wall.   

The ladies...

This is a huge 3-D sculpture coming off the wall.  You could see real water droplets on her skin. 

Makes me smile...

 Love these dog portraits!

I couldn't believe I was standing in front of a Norman Rockwell....only 3 million and something dollars.
and We love Malcolm Liepke.

This is made up of various antique papers and books.  He adds a very small amount of paint to describe the face, which I didn't even see at first.

Meeting up with my lovely, blogger friend, Valerie of Twigs2Nest Studio.  So fun to reconnect and catch up.  Hopefully, we could take a class together someday.

Lots of distressing..just up my alley.