Monday, March 29, 2010

College Wave Collage

I'm posting this once more to show the final collage.   I used some leftover drywall spray on texture to soften the droplets.  

The words are all meant for my college daughter whose struggling with what she wants to do in life.
I told her to listen to her heart and not pick a career for me or her dad, but what excites her, what she could be passionate about.

I should have her read the beginning of Kelly Roberts book, "Taking Flight".  In Learning to Listen, she talks about paying attention to what is really calling us.  "If we don't listen to our hearts' callings, we will continue to allow old decisions and comparisons to lead us down uninspiring and grounded paths when, all the while, our creative souls want to take flight".    My daughter has no artistic desires, but I think the thought universally applies.  She started out bio/med major and now is not sure that is what she wants to do.

Anything advice to help her find her way would be grateful.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Duchess Painting

Here's my first use of the texture as a layer in Photoshop.  What do you think?

Texture Sheets

I came across this Parenting magazine for the blind on ebay and thought the braille might be a good background texture.  So, I made a few  experimental sheets.

I really like the way they turned out. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Accidents

I just had to post this funny stencil I did of Duchess.  This was supposed to be a serious stencil, which is what I'm still working on.  I think its a crack up.  Check out the eyes.  If only the owners knew.

Try, Try, Try, Again

I've been very busy with art, but as you know, trying new techniques doesn't always go well.   Here is an example.  I was trying to put an image of a dog in the center using an inkjet transfer technique.  After 2 times of wiping the gel medium off the colllage, I decided to just paste them on.  All the blue you see is from the transfer, but  I kind of like the look.   These dogs are from a new painting of Duchess that didn't turn out, but here as collage elements, I like it.