Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pretty as a Rose

Pretty as a Rose, Mixed Media on Canvas 12" x 12"

This painting started out very, very dark gray and morphed into this painting.  I think I'm drawn to light, cheery and textural.  There seems to be a pattern forming here.    Yes, it reminds me of wallpaper, but I still like it.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seaside Walk - Revised

"Seaside Walk" (revised) 16 x 16 mixed media

Although I was happy with the original "Seaside Walk", seeing it on the computer always helps give me a new perspective on a painting.

The girl's hair from the original was always fighting with her shoulder line so I decided to shorten it and lighten it.  All the colors blend a little better this way.  She also is looking more straight on...once again I had to let go of the original inspo picture of this girl and just make it work for the painting.

The background was softened by adding more paint even though it covered the fabulous paper texture.  As I have told  my friends..."don't get too attached to your background, it might be totally lost in the end anyway".  This painting started out in acrylic and was finished with oil and a palette knife.

You can see my favorite piece of texture, a braille magazine, peeking through.
I love this poem for the painting..

Ethereal girl walking by
On the lonely beach.
Brisk was her pace,
 Her steps were light and airy.
She disappeared into the mist,
I never saw her face. anonymous

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shell Seeker

"Shell Seeker" 16" x 16", mixed media

This is another figurative beach scene painted for my beach series paintings.  This was painted with acrylic paints over textured paper finishing with oil applied with a palette knife.