Friday, June 24, 2011

Sneak Peek Friday

Inspired by my good blogger friend, Terri from Dimples & Dragonflies, I have been playing around with Picnik to show my art in a setting.

You can find the apple and pear duo here.

Once again, I am linking up with Studio JRU and all of you lovely Sneak Peek Talents!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Apple Pear Duo

I've been painting this duo side by side whenever I have a bit of free time which is rare these days.  One thing I loved was being able to let one dry and work on the other.   It was so fun to keep switching gears.  This sweet little duo would look nice in someone's  kitchen.

I love this brighter version, but maybe I'll save it for prints, because the original is not quite so bright.  perhaps...a teacher's gift?

Apple, 4 x 6 on board, sold

This is from the scanner...a better representation.

Pear, 4 x 6 on board, sold

I hope you all had a lovely Father's Day.  We barbecued pizza on the grill.    My husband has a healthy pizza dough recipe, and it comes out soooo yummy.  Our own firegrilled pizza.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sneak Peek Friday

I had so much fun yesterday at our Thursday paint night.  My daughter, Kristen, is home from college for a short time and 2 of her friends want to join in.  We all joked about how I will be painting with her friends and she will be back at UCSB taking summer school classes. 

I'm wondering if this painting is too textured.  What do you think?

Once again, I am linking up with Studio JRU and all of you lovely Sneak Peek Talents!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Slices of Life

Another little piece of the "Slice of Life" slowly coming together.  

Originally, I was trying to paint a bird in a nest here.  You can imagine the tutu was the beginning feathers of a bird, but while erasing and sketching, I saw the head of  this ballerina and knew I could not have tried to paint her without a reference photo even if I wanted to.  So I just let her develop very slowly guided by intuition.     

Look how delicate her fingers look. 

All by listening to my inner voice... I think I like painting this way.