Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Getting Plastered" Workshop - Student Work

Deborah Middleton-Hope, Bird Project

Close up
I have been truly inspired by my student's work from my online "Getting Plastered"  workshop.  This  is one of my favorites from Deborah Middleton-Hope. 

I am delighted to see many of my students take the techniques they learned in the workshop and use them as a joyous expression of their own unique voice.  

Nancy Walker, 12 x 12 plaster on burlap

More beautiful student work!  This final piece really demonstrates the use of the Micheal's burlap canvas.  It has such a professional finish once the final painting is revealed. 

Once you see the luscious textures you get with painting on plaster, I think Nancy and Deb would agree that it gets addicting.  Bravo!

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